Three Home Decor Trends That Don’t Age Well According to Designers

A fresh interior design in whites and shades of green

When it comes to decorating a home, people often turn to the latest styles and try to combine what’s modern and available with their specific vision. Is it even possible to go wrong when making interior decorating decisions? According to several notable designers, it certainly is, and these are the three fleeting trends that they advise homeowners to avoid.

Avoid Patterned Tiles

A wall of patterend tiles
Accenting a wall or floors using tiles with an intricate pattern can produce a bold and interesting look. However, tiles can break over the years and trends change. If your chosen pattern goes out of style and out of production in the meantime, it can be exceedingly difficult to find suitable replacements. You could end up having to retile the entire wall or floor. Choose single-colored tiles instead and you can combine them in any way to achieve a similarly interesting look!

Rethink Investing in Marble

A kitchen countertop made of marble
Yes, marble looks amazing with its stunning patterns and sleek surface. There is a downside. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cook on a daily basis, it’s important to know that marble can chip, scratch, and get stained. While it is possible to have marble countertops refinished, that just means you will be facing high maintenance costs. If you want the same look but more durability and resistance, go with granite or quartz instead of marble!

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Trends are Gone

A wall to wall carpeting interior in gray
It’s true that carpeting adds a lot of comfort and warmth underfoot, but they also have many downsides. If you choose white carpeting, the look won’t last very long as they get stained easily and are difficult to maintain, especially if you have pets or toddlers. Also, carpets have a tendency to gather dust and spread allergens throughout the room. This is why wall-to-wall carpeting trends have gone out the window. Area rugs that can be sent off to the cleaners periodically are a much better option.