5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

Usually, people decorate and design their homes to fit their sense of style. Then, these choices dictate the way they clean. Property owners wipe down the marble countertop daily and open shelving weekly. However, what if the process was reversed? What if property owners designed their homes to make them as easy to clean as possible? If your goal is a low-maintenance, yet beautiful home that requires very little time spent cleaning, keep reading this article.

Elevated Furniture for an Easy Clean

Interior design with elevated furniture pieces
5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

When shopping for credenzas, sofas, side tables, and all types of furniture, you should look for those elevated on special legs. Even better, choose cabinets that attach to the wall and alleviate off the ground. This way, people should be able to easily sweep or vacuum underneath them. For a hands-free cleaning routine, you should invest in a smart vacuum that can do the cleaning for you.

Choose the Perfect Paint Finish

Young Man Painting a Wall
5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

If you have young kids or messy pets who are likely to leave errant crayon marks or smudged fingerprints on the walls, avoid matte paint finishes. Instead, go with the shiniest and smoothest paint finish that looks good – usually semi-gloss for trim and eggshell for walls. On these surfaces, grime and dirt can easily be wiped away.

Select a Durable Couch

A luxurious brown leather couch
5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

If you are searching for an easy-clean couch, the upholstery makes all the difference. Sofas made of leather are easy to wipe clean, just to be sure to sop up spills right away and condition them once a year.

Skip the Open Shelving

Closed shelving furniture
5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

Beautiful shelves look enviable on Instagram, but in reality, they need a lot of extra cleaning. For an easier cleaning routine, you should stick with glass front cabinets. This way, you can show off your favorite items while keeping them dust-free.

Air Circulation & Windows

A beautiful living room interior with tall windows
5 Design Options That Can Make a Home Much Easier to Clean

Lots of dirt, humidity, and sunlight come in through the windows of your property. To eliminate excess dust and damaging humidity, ensure that your windows are well-sealed. This is especially true during the winter. Also, place your furniture properly so it doesn’t get areas of sun fading over time. An awesome tip for clean air in your property is to change the filters in your HVAC system regularly. Also, keep your thermostat programmed in advance for the best comfort levels. This way, you keep air circulating while lowering your monthly energy bills. It’s highly recommended that you check the windows of your property every few months and replace or fix any detective ones right away.

Top Five Awesome Travel Bags for Weekend Getaway Lovers

A couple on a road trip

Finding the perfect bag for weekend getaways can be a long and tiresome process. Especially if you just can’t wait to hit the road and spend a few days exploring a new place. To cut your search short, this list offers five awesome travel bags that will make packing for your short trips a breeze. Take a look and try not to fall in love with all of them!

1. BEIS’ Weekend Bag in Beige Can Blend In Every Style

BEIS’ Weekend Bag in Beige When it comes to travel bags, some people prefer extravagant designs, while others want more neutral-toned options. This BEIS bag is for the latter group. Perfect for a weekend getaway, this bag can store your laptop, shoes, makeup, and a bunch of other essentials in its multiple compartments. The bag’s flat bottom makes it secure during travel as it won’t tip over and damage whatever is inside.

2. Herschel’s Portable Duffle Bags Are a Must

Herschel’s Portable Duffle Bag If you like smart storage, you’ll absolutely love this classic duffle bag. It folds into a small pouch when it’s not with you, thus saving you space. It has long straps and a beautiful floral pattern that make it both functional and stylish.

3. Bringing a Laptop? Choose CalPak’s Hue Duffle Bag!

CalPak’s Hue Duffle Bag CalPak’s sleek and sophisticated bag can comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop for those who use their laptop on the go. It has comfortable straps to even the bag’s eights, and its side handles make it easy to slide the bag over a suitcase if you’re bringing extra luggage.

4. For Extra Versatility, Get ‘The Weekender’ Bag

‘The Weekender’ Bag

Away Travel offers one of the most versatile bags you can find. It even has its purpose in the name! ‘The Weekender’ is perfect for weekend getaways as it can easily accommodate your essentials. With its built-in shoe compartment, padded laptop pocket, and other storage space, this bag is a great choice. It easily slides over suitcase handles in case you love to overpack or have a longer trip coming.

5. The Sustainable Choice: The Catalina Deluxe

The Catalina Deluxe Bag If you’re looking for sustainable travel bags, you’ve just found the perfect choice. The Catalina Deluxe bag is water-resistant and made from organic cotton. Its multipurpose design makes it easy to use for different types of trips and by different people. The biggest perk? It’s really soft to the touch. Either for yourself or a loved one, this bag has the potential to be a great travel companion.