Cindy Crawford Proves That a Luxe Patio Can Be a Great Outdoor Bed

Cindy Crawford

Outdoor daybeds were probably only thought of as furnishings for expensive hotel pools in the past. It’s understandable: until 2020, many people didn’t spend nearly enough time at home to consider purchasing something so enormous and elegant only for a backyard pool or patio. However, it is now 2021, and though many things have returned to normal, the tendency of devoting more time and money to enhancing the area outside the home shows no signs of abating. Yes, even large purchases like an outdoor bed are on the table, as Cindy Crawford’s version, which she showed on Instagram in late May, exemplifies.

Crawford has been uploading images of her ocean-front house for a long time now, generally featuring plush furniture, a cozy kitchen, and stunning vistas. Even she, though, has outdone herself with her family’s big patio and tranquil setting.

Crawford’s outside space includes a wide patio and pool area with views of the sea, which she has furnished to ensure she can fully enjoy its benefits. The space has plenty of soft chairs and places to put your feet up, but the best part is the model’s outdoor daybed, which she positioned right in the center of the patio, no doubt, to guarantee that everyone resting on it got the most sun and comfort.

Cindy Crawford lying on her outdoor bed

Having an Outdoor Bed Is Great for Natural Sleep

Crawford’s rendition makes a compelling case for eventually biting the bullet and installing an outdoor bed in your backyard if you’ve never considered it before. It not only has a surprisingly luxurious look, but it also provides you (or your guests) with an ultra-calming area to take a natural sleep, something that is difficult to do from a conventional teak chair. Furthermore, some are large enough to accommodate several people, which means less time spent carrying chairs outside for your next BBQ and more places for your visitors to sit and rest.

Add a Pool!

The only way to enjoy some outdoor daybed time is to visit a fancy pool. These cozy pieces, as Crawford has proved, are now appropriate on any patio, lawn, or balcony.