Top 5 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Types for the 2022 Holiday Season

There are different types of Christmas trees, so you might be looking for a particular scent or unsure of which tree will support the large ornaments your grandmother gave you. A Christmas tree’s suitability for your decorating preferences and personal requirements depends on a variety of other factors in addition to its size and shape concerning your home. Here is how to find the perfect tree this season:

Balsam Fir – The Most Fragrant Christmas Tree

Balsam Fir

There is no need to look any further than balsam fir for that aroma of coming home for the holidays that lingers throughout the entire season. The balsam fir, with its rich green needles and ability to retain its needles well, is probably the most well-known Christmas tree. In addition, these trees have an outstanding pyramidal form and a thin, spire-like top that is ideal for keeping a star in place.

Scots Pine – Best Christmas Tree for Needle Retention

Scots Pine

Traditionalists tend to like the Scots pine, which is also known as Scotch pine and is another quite popular species. Even when they are dry, the dark green needles do not come off, which means that your floors will remain clean during the whole holiday season. The rigid branches come together to provide a dense crown that can securely retain ornaments. In addition to its other advantages, the Scotch pine is one of the most reasonably priced options for a Christmas tree.

Fraser Fir – Best for Ornaments

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir, also known as the Douglas fir, possesses many of the same qualities as the balsam fir, including a delightful aroma and a high level of needle retention. Even the heaviest decorations are supported by sturdy branches that have adequate spacing between them, which results in a nicely curved crown. The undersides of the needles are silver, which gives the tree a snowy aspect, and the tops of the needles range in color from green to blue-green.

Blue Spruce – The Bluest Tree

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce is the best Christmas tree to choose if you want blue needles, but this gorgeous hue comes at a cost because spruce trees do not live as long as fir trees do. Because the blue-gray needles on this tree are extremely pointy, you should hold off on putting it together until it’s closer to Christmas and decorate it while wearing gloves and long sleeves. The blue spruce has a robust branch structure and a good symmetrical form, which are both advantages. In addition to that, its needle retention is superior to that of any other spruce kind.

White Fir – The Most Unique Tree

White Fir

Concolor or white fir is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for a Christmas tree that has the appearance of spruce but the durability of fir. The color can range from pale powdered green to a more blue-green hue. The needle retention is superior to that of other species, and the needles themselves are longer. The needles are not grouped in bunches but rather in regular rows, giving the pyramidal shape the appearance of being nicely full. White fir has a scent that is reminiscent of fresh citrus, which is one of its primary selling points.

The Upcoming Wednesday Addams Netflix Series Will Star Jenna Ortega

Soon the Netflix streaming service is giving the world a new series that is centered around Wednesday Addams. It will be an eight-episode TV series dedicated to the unique, creepy, and kooky Addams daughter!

Wednesday Addams Has Been Popular Since Her Debut Nearly a Century Ago

The cover for the new Wednesday Netflix show.

Fans of Wednesday Addams know that the character has been popular since her debut in 1938. She was part of a one-panel gag comic in the comics section of The New Yorker. Since then, the character has been known to people from every generation through outlets like the 1964 TV show, the ’90s films, where she was played by Christina Ricci, and many animated shows. To this day, many people even dress up as Wednesday for Halloween.

Now, Wednesday Addams will be portrayed in live-action once again and go on a coming-of-age journey where she becomes the character fans know and love. That and other details were given to the fans by Netflix via a Twitter announcement in February. Apparently, Wednesday Addams will be a student at the Nevermore Academy, where she will become some kind of a supernatural mystery solver.

Jenna Ortega posing with the first page of the script for the new Wednesday Nextflix show.

The Young Actress Jenna Ortega Will Portray Wednesday Addams

In the middle of May, it was announced that the star of productions like You and the new Scream movie Jenna Ortega would transform into Wednesday Addams. The young actress also shared the news that she was going to portray the titular role on her Instagram page. While sharing the news, she paid homage to the original series by referencing the iconic double snap. The 18-year-old actress seems well-versed at playing distraught characters, so she might just be the perfect fit for Wednesday Addams.

Jenna Ortega

Christina Ricci Will Also Join the Cast!

In the meantime, Netflix has dropped a bombshell on fans of the Addams Family by revealing that Christina Ricci will join the cast as well, but in a mysterious new role. Significant details are still kept secret, but some are no longer a rumor, including that Tim Burton will be involved in the series. The creative mind behind Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, among other titles, will not just be involved but actually be directing the series as his TV debut.

So far, there hasn’t been an announcement on when the show is supposed to hit the Netflix queues. Given how the first casting announcement happened just now, it will be a while before a premiere date is announced or some sort of a teaser is dropped. Still, people who want to see the TV show, movies, or animated adaptation can do so on Hulu.