Top 3 Choices for Carts for Those with a Cramped Kitchen Island

When you live in a small place, you’re likely to have cramped kitchen islands, drawer, and counter space, but useful storage options like kitchen carts and a rolling kitchen island can help you extend your kitchen and store your culinary needs without the clutter. They can not only add storage by adding shelves and cabinets, but they can also expand counter space if you need a second cooking station. They’re also a non-permanent storage option, so they’re suitable for renters or those who aren’t quite ready to rebuild their kitchen.

Top 3 Choices for Carts for Those with a Cramped Kitchen IslandA Kitchen Cart Is a Great Way to Avoid Having a Cramped Kitchen Island

The size and style of cart you need for your kitchen are usually determined by the amount of space you have and the number of goods you plan to keep. We interviewed organizational professionals on what to look for when shopping for a kitchen cart and received their unique advice for customers to help you get the best kitchen cart for you.

Glenville White Kitchen Cart with 2 Drawers

Glenville White Kitchen Cart with 2 DrawersThis sleek rolling kitchen island has two doors that conceal two drawers and two shelves, making it easy to hide kitchen gadgets and cookware. The butcher block top that is made from solid wood can easily be good for an additional chopping station, while the two hooks on the side let you easily access spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen supplies while you cook. When not in use, the castor wheels lock, giving this a perfect stationary and portable alternative. This cart is available in two colors: white and black.

Westport Kitchen Cart

Westport Kitchen Cart Many people consider this rolling kitchen island “modern yet very functional” since its stylish marble top can be used for both basic food prep and entertaining guests. The cart sports two open slatted shelves to hold your plates and pans, two drawers and two black painted metal handles on either side to hold dish towels.

John Boos Cucina Culinarte Cart

John Boos Cucina Culinarte Cart While this is a more costly option, this rolling kitchen island is ideal for a seasoned chef or baker who “needs extra space for all their pots, pans, and mixing bowls.” It has a stainless steel frame for long-lasting use, a towel rack for easy access to dish towels, and two robust shelves for storing food and other kitchen essentials. Removeable one-and-a-half-inch-thick maple and walnut butcher block cutting boards are available for the top.

Christina Applegate Announces She Has Multiple Sclerosis

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate announced that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The 49-year-old star, who has appeared in films such as Bad Moms, Married… with Children, and Dead to Me, revealed she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis “a few months ago” in a tweet posted overnight.

What Christina Applegate Shared with Her Fans

Applegate shares with her fans that to her, this is a strange journey but that she was supported by people that also have this condition. Christina Applegate also says that it’s a tough road, but that’s life and she must keep going.

Christina Applegate

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune illness where the immune system destroys its healthy cells. It affects the central nervous system. It harms one’s quality of life and can be disabling.

More About This Condition

Multiple sclerosis, sometimes known as MS, has no cure; however, many people can manage their symptoms and adjust to new lifestyles after being diagnosed. When a person’s immune system attacks the coverings of nerve fibers throughout the body, the disease develops.

Myelin is the protective sheath that surrounds nerves and aids in the nerve system. When myelin is lost, nerves are exposed, which slows communication between cells. The indications and symptoms are proportional to the extent of the impairment. Researchers believe the condition is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors, but the exact cause is unknown.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, more than 2.3 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with MS. According to the nonprofit organization, about 1 million persons over the age of 18 in the United States have been diagnosed with MS.

It’s Not Applegate’s First Serious Health Problem

Christina Applegate This isn’t the first time Christina Applegate has had a health problem. She decided to have both of her breasts removed in a double mastectomy in 2008.